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New Required Footer Elements for Official UCSF Websites

All official UCSF websites must adhere to the UCSF Websites Policies and Standards and include the new required footer elements.

Drupal Site Builder customers can expect the new footer to automatically appear in their site the evening of April 20, 2021. All other site owners will need to manually edit their footer.

New Required Footer Elements

  • Link to the Accessibility page that supports the UCSF Website Accessibility Standard with information and links to:
    1. an expanded page with resources, requests for accommodations and reporting discrimination, and
    2. a means for UCSF website users to report accessibility issues, and the non-compliance resolution process.
  • Link to the Privacy Policy that describes how UCSF collects, uses, and shares UCSF website user data.
  • Link to the Terms of Use page to protect UCSF’s legal interests in regard to content on Official UCSF websites.
  • Link to the A-Z Website List to boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the entire UCSF website ecosystem.

Below is a screenshot of what the footer will look like once Web Services drops it into the Drupal Site Builder websites and the Contact Us link is manually populated by the site owner. It includes the existing Copyright statement plus the new Contact Us, Accessibility, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and A-Z Website List links.

screenshot of new required footer elements

Action Items

Drupal Site Builder site owners

  1. Verify the new required elements appear in the footer after go live.
  2. Populate the Contact Us link. The Contact Us link remains hidden until the content owner takes action to populate the value with an email address or link to a contact form per the instructions on the Websites.ucsf.edu footer FAQ page
  3. Contact Web Services if something in the footer looks odd after go live.

All other site owners

Please manually revise the site’s footer to match the footer elements as shown on this page or any other Site Builder page. The “Contact Us” link, unique to your site, may link to an email address or contact form. This action is required for owners of all non-Drupal sites, Drupal 8/9 sites, and in some cases, those with customized Drupal Site Builder footers.

Get Help

If you need assistance or have questions, please submit a ticket a https://help.ucsf.edu, and click the Get IT Help button.