Consulting Services

UCSF Website Services provides a comprehensive suite of consulting services to help manage and accelerate your web projects. Our consulting staff are Drupal experts and fluent in the UCSF standards and policies which results in a superior end product for our customers.

Our services can be tailored specifically to your needs, if you would like to schedule a meeting to scope your project, please use the website consultation form on


Jumpstarts are content management and strategy projects designed to get your site up and running as fast as possible on our SiteBuilder platform. Jumpstart projects start at a minimum of 40 hours and we are happy to meet with you to further scope your specific project. To best make use of this offer it is recommended that you have the following prepared in advance of requesting the service:

  • Comprehensive content inventory
  • Proposed site-map
  • Media assets (appropriately permitted photos, videos, logos, and graphics)

Website Services is happy to help scope a Jumpstart plan at your request, for such requests please use the website consultation form.

Custom Website

In some cases, Site Builder cannot provide the tools or flexibility to meet your web presence needs.  In these cases, Website Services can manage a custom website solution.  As part of these custom projects, we will thoroughly evaluate your requirements and specify solutions that satisfy your specific needs while maintaining compliance with UC standards for security and accessibility.  Our experience in delivering these projects allows our group to leverage our existing developer relationships to ensure the highest quality end product that Web Services can confidently host and support for years to come.

Read More about UCSF custom websites.

Custom Website Support

Custom websites need code updates, testing, and occasional configuration changes. In order to assure the security and quality of custom sites IT offers custom website support. Support contracts last for a year and provide 3 hours a month for support and updates of your custom website. 

General Consulting Services

Our standard rate for all services is $100/hour and can include any/all of the following services. Note that we do not work on specific projects less than 40 hours. If you would like to scope a consulting project, please use the website consultation form.

  • Technical Product & Project Management
  • Vendor Selection Guidance & Management
  • Website Design & Usability
  • Content Strategy & Management
  • Custom Website Development (see above)


Service Cost
Jumpstart $4,000 and up, one-time fee
Custom Website Discovery, Design, and Development $100 per hour (plus external vendor costs, if applicable)
Custom Website Support $3,600 per year
General Consulting Services $100 per hour (plus external vendor costs, if applicable)