Digital Accessibility

Web Accessibility Statement

UCSF is committed to providing an online environment that is accessible to everyone, including individuals with visual, auditory, motor or cognitive disabilities.

Improving accessibility benefits all of us by helping to improve SEO, future-proof content and promote a model of inclusivity.

Disclaimer for PDFs: Some documents on the UCSF website may not be machine-readable text due to the date it was created. If you are a person with a disability who would like to fully access the contents of a PDF document on the UCSF website, please contact us to report an accessibility issue and include the URL of the PDF.

How to Report an Accessibility Issue

IT Web Services strives to provide website administrators with accessible website templates, a compliance monitoring tool and training to ensure a positive user experience. If you cannot access website or web application content or use a feature due to a disability, please report an accessibility issue.

You may also directly contact the related services by phone, email, or mailing address from the following list:

Student Disability Services
Tim Montgomery, Director
Library, 530 Parnassus Avenue, Room 111
Telephone: (415) 476-6595
Email: [email protected]

Employee Disability
Disability Management Services, Campus HR
3333 California Street, Suite 330
San Francisco, CA 94143
Telephone: 415-476-2621

Patient Relations, UCSF Medical Center
Patient Relations is available by phone from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday at (415) 353-1936 or on weekends and holidays by calling the Nursing Supervisor at (415) 353-1797.

Information Technology Help Desk
Create a ticket or chat at 
Telephone: (415) 514-4100


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Request an Accessibility Review

We can review web sites, web applications and assist with reviews of the VPAT for vendor-based products.

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Learn about ways to make your site accessible, from properly adding alt text to captioning videos.

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