Website Hosting

UCSF IT provides Drupal web hosting services to ensure a very secure environment for our websites.

Since launching the service in 2011, it has grown to host nearly 1,000 Drupal websites. UCSF provides high-quality security services, using encrypted hardware accessible only via VPN from UCSF and a hacking-attempt detection system to block thousands of suspicious web sessions each month.

All standard Site Builder websites are currently hosted free of charge.

Beginning July 1, 2017, custom websites will be charged $50/month for hosting. Custom websites include:

Check the Drupal website inventory to see what type of site you have.


Basic Hosting Services

  • Server patching
  • Monitoring and managing overall infrastructure to verify resource availability and capacity 
  • Drupal patching
  • Standard modules patching
  • Monitoring health of sites
  • Running nightly database backup 
  • Managing version control
  • Managing regular code deployments 
  • Keeping SAML (MyAccess) infrastructure available 

UCSF-specific Hosting Enhancements

Web Application Firewall (WAF)
UCSF has a Web Application Firewall that blocks scripted attacks on our sites. We typically block 3,000+ attack attempts a month. The WAF also allows us to prevent Denial of Service attacks on our hosted websites.

Encrypted Hardware
UCSF's hardware is encrypted to prevent an intruder from accessing private files on our sites.

Private Cloud Hosting
While UCSF hosts on the cloud, we have a private portion of the Amazon Cloud hosting for our sites. This also limits access to private sites and files.

If shared multisite hosting does not meet your needs, IT can work with its hosting vendor to create a custom solution. You will still be able to use UCSF's hosting services and enhancements.

Get Started with UCSF Web Hosting

If you sign up for a Site Builder template, your website will automatically be hosted by UCSF, free of charge.

If you're working on a custom website, you can submit a Drupal Web Hosting Request to IT.