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Site Builder Training Recording Enhancements

Many have found the on-demand two-hour UCSF Site Builder Training - Drupal Introduction and Quick Start Lab (Pre-recorded) session valuable since it was posted this spring. Some like to have two browser windows open side-by-side for their learning experience with one to watch the video and the other for their website edits; taking advantage of the video player’s pause and play functions to create their new site at their own pace.

Captions and Transcripts Comply with WCAG

Adding captions and transcripts was on the accessibility roadmap this summer and they are finally in place. Captions and transcripts cater not only to accessibility for different physical abilities, but also to situational abilities and different learning styles. Some learn by following along, others like the written word, some just want a quick reference.

Benefits of Captions

The captions are for those who are deaf or hand of hearing. Captions are also handy for those who forgot their ear buds or headset in a situation where they don’t want to disturb others with the sound of the video.

Screen shot of video with captions and two transcript links.

Benefits of Transcripts

The transcripts come in two flavors. There is the basic Transcript (txt) version with time codes and the text-based spoken word. This file is handy for a quick reference or a refresher on a certain basic task. I suggest the Ctrl-F keyword search-this-page function to find a topic such as “WYSIWYG” and read about it there in the transcript, or cross-reference the time code and watch that portion of the video.

There is also the Transcript with the Table of Contents (PDF). This takes it up a notch as the Table of Contents gives you the structure of the 2-hour recorded session. For example, someone new may want to take a look at the Table of Contents to get an idea of the topics covered in this two-hour training. The Table of Contents listings go three levels deep and are linked to the respective time codes and the text-based spoken word.

Please Share this Resource

Please share this captioned training recording and the additional transcripts with your coworkers who are new to UCSF Drupal Site Builder or just need a quick refresher on basic tasks in the template.

Site Builder Support

We continue to offer the Site Builder support and resources listed on our Help page, and here:

  1. General questions: For general questions on how to use Site Builder, please visit our FAQs, or post your question to the Drupal group on Chatter.
  2. Consulting services: If you need help to create or improve your site, please consider our consulting services. Please submit an inquiry via our contact form (requires MyAccess login) to start the conversation and assess your project.
  3. Website help: Please  for feature requests or support. Click on "Report something that just isn't working right"; then select "UCSF Drupal Hosted Website" for type of help. Remember to include your website URL. These tickets are routed directly to the Web Services group in IT.

Digital Accessibility Support

For digital accessibility support, please see the UCSF Digital Accessibility website or email [email protected].