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New Home for the Digital Accessibility Website

The Digital Accessibility website has a new home. The content migrates from a stand-alone website to the larger UCSF Information Technology (IT) website. This is the first effort to bring independent and IT-related websites under the IT umbrella website.

New information architecture

The migration provided the opportunity to do a thorough content audit. We merged, restructured, and updated pages. A new streamlined information architecture (IA) better defines the offered services. Informational pages to make online content accessible are now labeled "Best Practices."

The new landing page for the Digital Accessibility Program outlines the three services offered:

  1. Digital Accessibility Awareness and Outreach
  2. Digital Accessibility Consultations for Online Content
  3. Software Purchasing Reviews and Guidance for Accessibility

And here is the list of the "Best Practices" — now tucked under "Testing for Digital Accessibility":

Why migrate?

Shared foundation, platforms and infrastructure bring many benefits. We achieve efficiencies in content maintenance. The user digital experience at UCSF improves with related content under one website. Shared infrastructure supports comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO).  

What about visitor analytics?

Other IT-related sites will be migrating, too. Will we lose visitors with the migration? We will keep an eye on that. We captured 2021 1st-quarter Siteimprove analytics reports from the former site. We'll do an analytics comparison at the end of Q1 2022. We want to confirm our hypothesis that we won't lose any visitors with the site migration.

Action needed

Action needed – none. Pages from the original Digital Accessibility site will redirect to the corresponding pages on the new site. If not, you'll get to the new landing page.

Get help

If you find broken links or can't find something, start at the program's landing page to navigate to the desired content.