Add alt text to an image such as Profile pictures after upload

You can upload the alternative text in Sitebuilder for an image by knowing the filename of the image.   Most browsers have a Open Image in new tab option, when you hover and right click on the image.   This will give you the file name such as "My_profile_image.jpg",  you can then do the following:

When adding a profile I receive "LDAP entry does not allow release for [email protected]"

Discusses how to goto and fix the profile that is not able to import into UCSF Profiles tool.

How to create an Anchor link and Tag

This helps you create an anchor and anchor link on the same page to jump to the appropriate content item.

Enabling Captchas

If your site is getting spam, you can enable the "Captcha" module, which will allow you to set up the typical challenge-response test of jumbled letters. This prevents automated spam tools from submitting.

Putting your website into Maintenance Mode

ometimes you will want to hide your website, either because new content is not finished yet, you are re-launching it with new changes or for some other reason.    You can do this rather easily with Drupal.

After logging into your Administrative account, goto Configuration -> Development ->  Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode Navigation Screen Shot- Follow instructions above

Preventing Spam Accounts From Getting Created

  1. Login into your site
  2. Go to
  3. Find Who:  can register accounts?
  4. Select - Administrators only
  5. Find When cancelling a user account
  6. Select - Disable the account and keep its content.
  7. Click on  Save Configuration button

Turning Page Revisions on


  1. Click on modules in the main Drupal menu <>
  2. Make sure the diff module is on
    • If it isn't on, check the box for diff, and then go to the far bottom left of the page and click Save Configuration

Changing the Site Name

You will need admin-level privileges to change the name of your site.

Assuming that you do, then log into your site and use the admin toolbar on top of the page to navigate to "Configuration" > "System" > "Site Information".

On that page, change the value of the "site name" form field to your liking and save the form by pressing the "Save Configuration" button at the bottom of the page.

That's it!

Friendly Error Pages

When you create a private site you will likely want a more friendly page than "access denied".

The best way to do this is to turn on the custom errors module and configure it. You can see what this looks like at

How to Turn on the Webform Module

Enabling the Module

  1. Read the Webform Tutorials on Note: UCSF is current using Drupal version 7.
  2. Watch the video tutorials on
  3. Login as the site admin to your website (
  4. Click on the "Modules" text in the admin menu
  5. Type “Webform” into the filter list box
  6. Check the “Webform” box and the module will show as enabled.