How to create an Anchor link and Tag

To create an anchor link for your website, you need two items in your WYSIWYG editor.   The content anchor, which in Drupal is represented as a Flag, and the link that goes to it.

The video below will guide you through the steps, but here is a quick explanation:

  1. First insert the flag onto the page where you want the link to jump to.   In most cases, this is a sub-header below the fold of the visible browser window.
  2. Next name the Anchor link, the anchor link should be all lower case and contain no spaces, you can use hyphens if you need to separate the words.
  3. Save the anchor tag name.
  4. Now select the text you want to link to the Anchor and use the Link Tool (represented as a peace of chain link) to create the link.
  5. Now proceeding with a Pound sign (#) use the same name as before to create your link. So if for example my anchor tag was name my-anchor, then the link to the anchor tag is #my-anchor.
  6. Now save your link. Continue adding links and anchors where necessary, then don't forget to SAVE your page!
Tutorial Difficulty: