Enabling Captchas

If your site is getting spam, you can enable the "Captcha" module, which will allow you to set up the typical challenge-response test of jumbled letters. This prevents automated spam tools from submitting.

  • Log into your site with your administrator account.
  • Click main menu "Modules" (YOURSITE.ucsf.edu/admin/modules).
  • Check checkbox by "Captcha" module. Click Save configuration
  • (OPTIONAL) Check checkbox by "Image Captcha" module. Save Configuration.
  • Go to right column, red links, next to Captcha module and click "Configure" link. (YOURSITE.ucsf.edu/admin/config/people/captcha). You can select multiple settings. To simplify, scroll below the table and check checkbox for: "Add CAPTCHA administration links to forms". This will allow you to make changes directly from the form's web page, by navigating to that page and clicking on the red link that now appears in Administration mode. (Doesn't display in standard user view).
  • Now logout to test. If the Captcha doesn't display on your form, the old view may be cached on the server side. You can try testing on another system -- it it isn't showing up there either, retry later.
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