Does This PDF Bring Me Joy?

Spring 2020 - Join us for this multi-week spring-cleaning event where we’ll aim to make campus websites more accessible following the reduce, reuse or remediate approach, as inaccessible portable document format (PDF) files can be a digital barrier to individuals with disabilities.

During the four-phase event, participants will look at alternative ways to address inaccessible PDFs. This event can be done virtually.

This event can be tailored. For example, perhaps all your PDFs are found to be accessible, so you are only interested in the Content Audit during Phase 1. Or maybe your site has hundreds of PDFs and you want to break it into groups by content owners. Please contact [email protected] with questions.

I’ll send out emails at the beginning of each of the 4 phases. You'll be introduced to the task and I'll provide related resources and best practices.

I'm happy to schedule 1:1 or team consulting sessions as needed throughout this event.


Please register using the Does This PDF Bring Me Joy? Registration Form (requires MyAccess login).

Open Registration closes Friday, March 6, 2020


Phase 1: Reduce

March 16 – 27
Content Audit

Participants will receive a list of all of the public-facing PDFs on their website per Siteimprove. Participants will be asked to go through their list and remove from the site any PDFs that are outdated or unnecessarily redundant. Participants will also identify which of their PDFs can be converted to web pages or web forms.

Phase 2: Reuse, Part 1

March 30 – April 10
PDF to Web Page Conversion

Participants will learn the benefits of converting (when possible) inaccessible PDFs to accessible web pages.

Participants will receive information on how to create accessible web pages.

Phase 3: Reuse, Part 2

April 13 – 24
PDF to Web Form Conversion

Participants will learn the benefits of converting (when possible) inaccessible PDF forms to accessible web forms.

Participants will receive information on accessible web forms using the Drupal 7 Site Builder webforms and other resources available at UCSF.

Phase 4: Remediate

April 27 – May 8
PDF Accessibility Review

Participants will learn how to evaluate their remaining PDFs for accessibility and guidance to make them accessible. In-person and online training on this topic will be available.

Participants will be given information about vendors for hire to make their PDFs accessible if they do not have the in-house resources to do so.

Event Conclusion

Participants will share their updated spreadsheet of PDFs, noting which PDFs have been removed, converted or made accessible. Each group that actively participates will receive a certificate of recognition from the Web Standards Program Manager.


Please contact [email protected]