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News and announcements regarding UCSF websites, as well as best practices and tips for getting the most out of your web presence.

June 7, 2018
Site Builder

UCSF Site Builder is now better than ever, with a major new feature and other core updates.

New Feature: Blog

Blog Example

Introducing an all-new blog format to house your less formal, but still informative, news.
Hand-tailor your blog’s title, tagline, and banner image to create a unique landing environment.
Custom Taxonomy:
Create an optional, customized taxonomy to tag blog entries with topics.
Easy-to-use filters allow users to sort blog entries by author, topic, and date.
Create author bio pages that will automatically curate content, either with or without headshots.
Add your most recent blog entries to any page.
To pull content via RSS, add /feed to any blog-related URL, including filtered results.

Other Improvements

Horizontal Lines and Special Characters:
Your content editing toolbar now has two additional options that will make formatting easier.
Bug Fixes:
Spacing of some frontend mobile elements and issues with backend scrolling behavior have been fixed.

September 26, 2017
Site Builder

We have a new set of features available in Site Builder to help make your site shine. New improvements are:

Sticky Navigation Bar:
Help users navigate your site by keeping the top navigation bar in place as they scroll down a page.

Colored Boxes:
Add a splash of color to your 2-column or 3-column content by selecting from 6 different colors per column area.

Collapsible Content or FAQs:
If you have information you’d like to hide by default, such as an FAQ, you can now add it to any page.

Multiple Buttons:
There are now a wide variety of buttons, both large and small. Each button has an optional full-width version, which is wonderful for consistent styling in smaller areas like sidebar blocks or columns.

August 24, 2017
Site Builder

UCSF Site Builder will be updated on Monday, August 28, 2017 with improved tablet layout, typography, spacing and logo compression, as well as the following new features:

Adjustable Homepage Banner Animation Speed:
Tailor animation by choosing from a range of transition speeds, or turning off autoplay altogether.

Encourage a user to take action by adding a large or small button. 

Custom CSS Module:
Add custom CSS without modifying the underlying style sheet.

"See More" Block Buttons:
Allow users to navigate quickly and easily from commonly used blocks like News or Events.

Automatic Profile Photos:
All profiles will pull in an associated image from UCSF Profiles, which can be replaced, if desired.

Automatic Redirects:
Aliases and URLs can change without losing traffic or creating dead links.

March 1, 2017
Site Builder

It’s our commitment to continue improving UCSF Site Builder with regular, quarterly updates. While there’s always more to do, we’ve simplified the user interface and improved the behavior of our homepage banners. You’ll see these changes take effect this Friday, March 3.

Homepage banner:
Images are crisp and clear on all devices
Every banner style can use multiple slides

Starting points:
Simpler menu broken down by topic
Optional site-wide featured publications block
Optional site-wide featured profiles block

Simpler interface with easy-to-use dropdown list

Content sections:
Up-front options to build each page, layer by layer