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Web Services Training During Shelter-in-Place

The COVID-19 crisis brings ongoing challenges to our entire organization. With many of the UCSF IT Web Services team members directed to COVID-19-related IT communications and the shelter-in-place requirement, some of our live and in-person training sessions are suspended. Never fear! We recorded the latest sessions to make them available on-demand, 24/7.

Recorded training sessions

Our new training page lists the details of the recorded sessions for UCSF Siteimprove Accessibility Kick-off Meeting and the UCSF Site Builder Training - Drupal Introduction and Quick Start Lab Session.

Our intent is to resume live and in-person sessions when the situation allows. 

Site Builder support

We continue to offer the Site Builder support and resources listed on our Help page, and here:

  1. General questions: For general questions on how to use Site Builder, please visit our FAQs, or post your question to the Drupal group on Chatter.
  2. Consulting services: If you need help to create or improve your site, please consider our consulting services. Please note: Our consulting pipeline is full until late spring 2020, but we welcome you to submit an inquiry via our contact form (requires MyAccess login) to start the conversation and assess your project.
  3. Website help: Please submit an IT ticket for feature requests or support. Click on "Report something that just isn't working right"; then select "UCSF Drupal Hosted Website" for type of help. Remember to include your website URL. These tickets are routed directly to the Web Services group in IT.

Digital Accessibility support

For digital accessibility support, please see our Events page, a wealth of resources on our UCSF Digital Accessibility website under the menu item "Guide" or email [email protected].