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Summer 2018: Improvements to UCSF Site Builder

UCSF Site Builder is now better than ever, with a major new feature and other core updates.

New Feature: Blog

Blog Example

Introducing an all-new blog format to house your less formal, but still informative, news.
Hand-tailor your blog’s title, tagline, and banner image to create a unique landing environment.
Custom Taxonomy:
Create an optional, customized taxonomy to tag blog entries with topics.
Easy-to-use filters allow users to sort blog entries by author, topic, and date.
Create author bio pages that will automatically curate content, either with or without headshots.
Add your most recent blog entries to any page.
To pull content via RSS, add /feed to any blog-related URL, including filtered results.

Other Improvements

Horizontal Lines and Special Characters:
Your content editing toolbar now has two additional options that will make formatting easier.
Bug Fixes:
Spacing of some frontend mobile elements and issues with backend scrolling behavior have been fixed.